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Sustainability still at a premium?

Global consumption needs to be re-invented.

Indian consumers are well traveled, exposed and demands high quality products. There is high hope for our young population to change the way the global economy works. We are empathetic and understand the seriousness of climate change. Our platform caters to conscious and responsible consumers. The issue with artisan produce in both food and fashion is the hidden inflated costs. If we want to truly combat global crisis we need to be receptive to purchasing power. Product designers should be encouraged to work on close loop designs. Government and industry experts need to work hand in hand to pave the way. More innovations needed to push existing businesses into greener models. Today we live in a world of inter-connectedness which give us a global voice. Even the most uninformed individual is aware of climate change. Consumers prefer purchasing ethically sourced and environmentally better products. The issue is sustainable products are still in the category of premium and "good to have". According to economics of affordability, the ethical and green products needs mass adoption. Going by this economies of scale, more start-ups should work on bridging this gap. Industrial bodies need to lobby for consumer produces to embrace a circular economy. A revolution in the supply chain needs to take place. Between the political debacle of climate change and world hunger, there is a choice to be made by us. A choice for a better future. At, we give a child her/is entire month ration for every box sold to combat hunger which we don't take as a philanthropy but a necessity. To grow into a strong world we need to feed our next generation and feed them well. India is the second largest population and the youngest country. The right choices made by us will not only make the biggest impact but also will pave the way for the future. This believe, is what made us start our journey at We use 100% bio-degradable boxes (zero-plastic as a policy) and work with multiple partners to create a better eco-system. The platform was an idea rising from the need to encourage responsible consumerism. This idea came to me about four years ago but I had insufficient funds and technical skills to cater to the market. I am glad, this bought me time to meet more experts on the ground. At last, about 6 months ago we were able to launch. We are growing rapidly and engaging with the thirsty conscious youth of India. They are risen and there is so much to do for them and so much to learn. I hope, soon we see sustainable products as the only thing on the shelf. I am a dreamer who knows reality is what we create. If anyone wants to connect with us to come on board as partners for a stronger future in any capacity - please write to us or drop me a message.

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