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Sustainable Warrior at a Restaurants

Updated: Mar 2

Posted by Anneysa, co-founder of HAUSOS GLOBAL.

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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

Be a sustainability driven individual. Understand the responsibility lies on your shoulder from the moment you wake up to create a positive change.

Be an icon of change and social statement. It needs little preparation and mindfulness to see the change in your surroundings. This is my easy guide to being social, trying out new restaurants and yet keeping my carbon footprint in check.

1. Refuse plastic bottle: Ask for house water (they cooking with it and you did not dies till now) and then advice them to start selling glass bottles.

2. Choose organic and local grown: inquire about the source otherwise ask the chef if they have anything seasonal or farm grown. Oh, you must let them know you that "my body is a temple" is taken very seriously by you.

3. Motivation is the key : If they have served you with the above two points then social and share it on social media. Also share your approval of this fantastic work by writing a sweet note to the chef. You can also write a sweet note to encourage them to embrace organic/locally grown if they have not done it already. Good vibes only.

4. Refrain from disposable cutlery/napkins : If you going to one of our favourite street food joints make sure to carry your own reusable cutlery. Anyways coffee chain would love to serve in your own mug so carry it. Remember to use water to wash your hands instead of napkins which is (a) unhygienic (b) you will save more resources that goes into making these napkins.

Own it and make it a statement. Tell us in the comments below if there are other ways to always be sustainable.


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