Hausos venture propagating inclusive and sustainable growth.

Did you know?

Hausos is a Proto-Indo European young goddess of dawn, who paints the world anew every morning that resembles ‘new beginning’ and 'shining one'.

Hausos global consulting works with clients from multiple sectors for early integration of long-term environmental and socioeconomic sustainability. The process of bringing together experts perspective, facilitating conversation with stakeholders and collaborating with on-ground experiences has ensured our clients their business-social alignment. A team built of eminent researchers, international relation and trade advisors, experienced business leaders, social programme developers, academicians and sustainability professionals. 

Hausos is a research and strategy advisory firm that provides insight, advice, research, data and tools to private enterprise leaders, policy makers and decision makers to achieve the transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable and resilient business model. Among the services, Hausos offers green supply chain management services and advice on the transition to a circular economy, including participatory collaborative decision support tools to map value chains, identify hotspots, reduce waste, costs and to support the transition to zero waste, circular economy models. The geographical focus of hausos are private enterprises who are based, or whose value chain has important segments in South Asia and southeast Asia region, and policymakers, decision makers and communities in the same region. Hausos is offices in Hyderabad and Rome.



Integrating sustainable business practices is a strategic choice more than a philanthropic action. We believe responsible business understands inclusive growth creates value for all stakeholder.

Research & Development


Our team have authored high valued publication and research papers that have steered significant socio-environmental impact and policy shift across the world. 


An experienced and diverse team with backgrounds of policy advisors and business leaders are here to support your transition to a responsible business



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